Letter Tracking

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Wondering why you received a letter?

Before explaining to the students what we're doing, I pass around a sheet of paper and ask them to write a random city and state next to their name: they often choose where they're from or have family. Sometimes the student specifies whether they'd like their letter sent to a male or a female. Then I go to superpages.com and randomly select someone in that city who has the same last name as the student. That's the formula.

Where they've been sent:

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  1. I received a letter dated November 25, 2013. It was a pleasant surprised. Much better than a chain letter.

    If the student's last name was Iñiguez, and she is Cuban, then we are definitely related. If she is Mexican, then we have the same ancestor who arrived in Mexico in 1517.

    Thank you for the letter.

    James E. Iñiguez, Esq.
    New York, New York